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Hope, bravery, friendship, fear, love....

Who was involved in D-Day? This page has the answer! This page has the stories from the men and women who fought, lived and died through WWII. That is what this website has always been about. Since 2000 when I started this project I had set one goal for myself. That the website should be made in their honor.

It grew from the first story that I received from Ray Aebisher (F Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division) back in 2001 to over 250 stories from all sides of the war. It has become a valuable collection of stories about what kind of effect a war like the second world war can have on the men and women living through it. The stories are unedited and it is in the words of the men and women who have contributed to my project.

We are now at 139 stories. Many more to come.

This website is made out of respect for the victims, the civilians and the veterans of WWII. It generates no financial gain what so ever and it is merely a platform to educate the visitor about WWII.


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