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  • Massacres and atrocities commited by the Nazis in WW2

    History and facts of mass murder and cruelty

    Massacres and Atrocities

    The worst war crimes in WW2 comitted by the Nazis

Warning! This section contains the history and facts of massacres committed during WW2. Some viewers may find the images disturbing therefor discretion is advised when viewing these pages if you are underage. 

Nazis implemented an obligatory Jewish badge (to identify Jews) between 1939 and 1945. Like this Star of David

Why did these massacres take place?

Nazi Germany was one of the most systematic perpetrators of war crimes in modern history. The factors which contributed to war crimes included racial theories, the desire for "living space" which was used as a justification for the annihilation of mostly Jewish people and indoctrination that encouraged the terrorization of conquered peoples and prisoners of war. The massacres and atrocities were one of these factors.

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