Hampton E. Vaughan
Rank: Seaman First Class

Hampton E. Vaughan


United States Navy
Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands

31st January 1944

Survived the war?
United States Navy
United States Navy

Sailing a tight schedule

This is the log of January 31, 1944, the day we grounded on the reef at Jacobs’s pass. The next few days logs tell the story of us attempting to be removed and towed back to an area where the ‘450’ could be repaired and re-join the Group Eight in Flotilla Three. (True copy of the LCI (L) 450 Deck Log Jan. 31, 1944.)

Deck Log of USS LCI (L) 450 - Invasion of Kwajalein Atoll

Position 0800 - 1200 - 2000
Latitude 9º 22’ - 9º 21’ - 9º 21’
Longitude 168º 25’ - 167º 27’ - 167º 27’
Operational Remarks (War Diary)

0000 - 0400
Steaming as before, fifth in column astern USS LCI (L) 449.
0400 - Course 180º True.
0400 - 0800
0405 - Course 145º True
0415 - Arrived at rendezvous area: Reveille.
0630 - Standing by ready to get underway. All stations manned.
0800 - 1200
0812 - Rockets ready.
0840 - All guns loaded.
0920 - Gyro switched to batteries.
0923 - Lying off Ivan Island, preparing to invade the Marshall Islands.
0935 - Opened fire at targets of opportunity.
1100 - In column with section two steaming for Jacobs pass and Allen Island.
1115 - Rudder stuck at 40º right, Course 120º True, speed 1/3
1116 - Speed 2/3, scrapping bottom.
1118 - Aground.
1200 - 1600
1225 - Still aground.
1226 - Preparing to receive towing line from USS LCI (L) 348, VMS 283 standing by.
1227 - Sighted four amphibious tanks in distress.
1228 - Tanks capsized.
1229 - Sea ladder and line broken out.
1230 - Shot line to USS LCI (L) 348.
1240 - Lost line.
1258 - Two survivors took line to buoy.
1310 - Report from engine room "cannot operate pitch control st'bd screw"
1327 - Survivors brought aboard from tanks. Names rate and condition.

Also list of missing:
Boydston, D.N. Lt, Bandish, O.N. Ens., Brennen, E.V. Cpl., Cross, R.D. PFC, Cartridge, R.B. PFC, Warmax, R.R. PFC, Womax, L.B. PFC, Cope, E.L. S2/c, Maxwell, S2/c, Sullivan, R.E., S2/c, O’Leary, M. PFC, Cook, PFC, Stempal, M.L. HA1/c, Linville, PHM 3/c, Mitz, J. H. Sgt., Osborne, E.J. PFC, Ruddy, G.E. PFC, Green, A.P. Cpl., Holt, E.J. PFC, Brambelt, K.E. PFC, Ferrible, J.M. PFC, Henekel, G. PFC, Powers, B.N. PFC, Stafford, F.K. Cpl., Smith, J.F. PFC, Baker, R.C. PFC, Peichetel, A.A. PFC, Henrickson, R.I. PFC, Ford, A.J. PFC, Pole, R.E. Sgt., Hardy, I.B. Lt. MD, Oeer, A.W. PFC, Lafferty, F.S. PFC, Brinkouski, C.P. PFC, Shaokey, J.F. PFC, Dwed, Martin, F.P. Cpl., Loyer, L.E. PFC, Sexton, S. PFC, Fintak, C.F., Delker, M.D. PFC, Kurnnay, M.W. Sgt., Hunt, R.S. Pvt., Pamiter, Cpl.,

Action letter to Commanding Officer: (Layeser, P.S., Boltue, No name or MI, Tiedway, No Name or MI) Following named men dead or missing: Cornier, Albert PFC, Sizemore, Curtis PFC, Wolfenberger, Hennesway, D.E., Cuzberry, R. PFC, Abraham, A. PFC.

1600 - 2000
1902 - Still Aground - motors warmed up.
2000 - 2400
2200 - Taps.
2300 - Using various speeds attempting to clear reef of Jacobs Pass. Heading 184º P.G.C.

Hampton E. Vaughan

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