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Frank Rosin
Rank: Corporal
Frank Rosin



104th Infrantry Division "Timberwolves"

Battle of the Bulge, Ardennes. Belgium

June 6th 1944

Survived the war?
104th Infrantry Division "Timberwolves"

104th Infrantry Division "Timberwolves"

A howling Timberwolf

These are pictures of my dad and his buddies, although War was hell they found some time for fun and joking around...His mom sent a camera with him to take pictures, so she could see what it was like when he got home...These are those pictures...

He was in Germany, and participated in the Battle of the Bulge, he was in the service from 1944-1946. He was a machine gunner, and until just these past few years has never spoken of the War, it must have been a horrible thing...

My father took these pictures while there. He was with the 104th Timberwolves, with Terry Allen...

My dad is still alive and kicking, enjoying life, and still visits some of his buddys from the war...some of which are in the pictures.

Did did not talk often about the war but at one time he said they were moving families out because the germans were aproaching. It was in a wealthy area of town and they smelled something good and went into the house they had just evacuated and there was a beef roast on the stove and potatoes and gravy and vegetables, all ready to eat, table all set so they all sat down and enjoyed a wonderful meal. He did say he wondered what they thought when they came back, but it smelled so good they just couldn't leave it, and besides they figured it would all be spoiled, I asked him did they do the dishes, my father laughed and said: "No way!".

Patti Rosin talking about her father

Veteran's personal medals
Purple Heart
Purple Heart
Veteran's personal file

"Nothing in Hell Can Stop the Timberwolves"

Personal photographs

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  • August 10, 2014
  • Memory's Garden, Watervliet Shaker Road, Colonie, New York

Remember each and every sacrifice, made for your freedom!

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