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Captain Dale Dye
Captain Dale Dye
From the beaches of Normandy...
From the beaches of Normandy...
to Iwo Jima
to Iwo Jima
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“I have a pretty good eye for talent and I certainly know a high-quality production when I see one!”

Capt. Dale Dye is no stranger to blockbuster movies and popular television shows. Transferring his real-life military experience into a successful and sought-after Hollywood persona, Capt. Dye embodies his on-screen image as an authoritative and confident leader and military commander. Fortunately, he took director Oliver Stone’s advice to “never take an acting lesson” and simply brings his own, confident self when performing on camera.

Capt. Dye has appeared in, and served as the technical military advisor, to such great films as Platoon, Saving Private Ryan, Casualties of War, and the monumental HBO Mini-Series, Band of Brothers. He has also appeared on several History Channel programs as an expert commentator on WWII topics.

Passing Capt. Dye’s inspection isn’t easy. He stated, “I have a pretty good eye for talent and I certainly know a high-quality production when I see one!” It was Military Sites‘ unique theme, cinematic quality and fact-based story telling that earned his endorsement. Military Sites extends Capt. Dye our sincere gratitude for supporting our humble production. Salute!

Ted Rouse

At the age of 13, Ted Rouse created his inaugural film using his father's 8mm movie camera. Although he humorously refers to it as the "great WWII epic" condensed into a mere three minutes, it was undeniably rough around the edges. However, this early endeavor ignited Ted's enduring passion for the world of film and television production. Ted attributes his father, a veteran of the WWII Army Air Corps, for instilling in him a profound appreciation for bringing history to life. Initially, his father's collection of wartime memorabilia served as props for backyard playacting, but they eventually became invaluable assets and captivating content for Ted's historical film projects.

Boasting over 30 years of experience in television broadcast production, Ted has amassed an impressive portfolio that encompasses thousands of programming hours, numerous commercials, and extensive live content. His work has reached a national audience through esteemed platforms such as The CBS Evening News, ABC's Good Morning America, Fox's Funniest People, The Montel Williams Show, and even The David Copperfield Magic Special.

In a recent collaboration, Ted joined forces with Catherine Wyler, daughter of renowned Hollywood director William Wyler, to craft a comprehensive documentary chronicling her father's remarkable journey from humble beginnings in Mulhouse, France, to a career that garnered three Oscars for "Best Director." The Turner Classic Movie (TCM) channel has picked up the program, set to air in early 2023.

Ted also embraces his unabashed enthusiasm for academia, proudly holding a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and a Master's in Public Administration.

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In many ways, Ted has transformed his initial film venture into a polished and professional enterprise that stands ready to captivate, educate, and astonish today's television and digital audience.