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Holocaust Histories podcasts

The Holocaust
The Holocaust
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My name is Jonathan Bonder. I'm the producer of Holocaust Histories a new podcast series. Each episode in the first season features a boxer with a different nationality and unique experience during the Holocaust. The stories are remarkable, and for the most part - unknown. The podcast utilizes professional Sound Design and music to enhance the listening experience. The latest episode features the story of Noah Klieger from Strasbourg.

The podcast has been featured in a news article by the JTA, Australian Jewish News, and the Greek Reporter. The podcast was also named one of the best Jewish Podcasts so far of 2022.

An excerpt from a podcast

Victor Perez traveled from the Jewish district of Tunisia to the metropolitan city of Paris to pursue his dream of becoming an internationally known boxer. His dream came true as he won the World Boxing Flyweight Championship. He quickly became a celebrity throughout Europe and would date a famous French actress, forming one of the biggest celebrity couples in the 1930s.

Victor would go from riches to rags with the onset of World War 2. He would endure torturous conditions as a prisoner of the infamous Monowitz concentration camp, a labor sub-camp of Auschwitz built by German pharmaceutical company IG Farben and commanded by SS boxing fanatic, Heinrich Schwarz. Victor would box against other inmates: the winner received extra food rations while the loser was killed. This is a story of bravery and resilience. The story of Victor Perez.

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Auschwitz 1 at liberation in January 1945

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A good way to bring the stories about the Holocaust to the 'modern' podcast generation. This podcast series is certainly worth your listening time. Good historic research, well spoken and clearly articulated which is a big plus! Well done!