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Camp Gordon Johnston WWII Museum

The Mission of the Camp Gordon Johnston WWII Museum is to honor and preserve the heritage of the men who trained at Camp Gordon Johnston in Carrabelle during WWII. We share the real stories of the dedication, fears and heroism of the quarter of a million men who served and trained at Camp Gordon Johnston at our museum The museum promotes not only the history of WWII, but also portrays the gigantic effort that our nation poured into this conflict.

The Museum has compiled an extensive history of the various units that trained here, as well as a photographic display of the area and life as it existed at the camp. Furthermore, the Camp Gordon Johnston veterans have contributed the artifacts brought back from battles overseas, along with uniforms, mess kits, and all sorts of souvenirs, too numerous to name.

The Camp Gordon Johnston Museum has been nationally honored by the Smithsonian Magazine for three straight years. Admission is free and all visitors are welcome. For group tours or individual visits outside of normal hours, call the Museum at (850) 697-8575 for additional arrangements. Tours are welcome and WWII veterans will be given special consideration. A wheelchair is available.

The Camp Gordon Johnston Association also participates in parades and educational historic events and welcomes field trips from schools, clubs and other organizations. To request for our participation in an events  please contact us.

The museum is located at across the street from Carrabelle Beach.
1873 Highway 98 West
Carrabelle, FL 32322

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Well worth your visit!A testament to the amphibious soldiers of WWII that trained in Carrabelle and Franklin County, Florida.