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Remco Reiding, researcher, writer and WW2 project manager became known for his years of research into the forgotten Soviet Field of Honor in Leusden. He specialized in projects that keep the memory of war victims alive. His clients include Kamp Amersfoort and the National Committee for 4 and 5 May.

New Russian documents in the possession of the Soviet Field of Honor Foundation will probably lead to the identification of approximately twenty Soviet soldiers who died in World War II and who are buried in the Russian plot in Leusden. For a long time, the documents in question were classified. Now he is getting them sent by the secret service or state archives in Russia and other former Soviet republics. Reiding has been requesting data for more than twenty years, but information is sometimes secret or only available to family. But who those family members are is often a mystery. Because it is not known who they are for most of the soldiers on the plot. And it is precisely the complicated process of identifying soldiers that takes the most work. Finding next of kin only comes after identification.

It is the result of a new mega job. “The former Soviet Union is divided into 200 regions, each of which has its own archive. There is an awful lot of work involved. The documents now pouring in were always secret. And when I last asked a specific source, I suddenly got them. ”

There are still 200 verterans who still need to be adpoted.

I look forward in working with him to give a few Russian veterans a place among the other veterans on my website. 

His books!

Here lies...

Researcher Remco Reiding and photographer Marco Hofsté went in search of stories behind the gravestones in the Amersfoort Rusthof cemetery.

They found:

  • James Bond's Savior
  • A musician who performed with The Beatles.
  • An SS man who died a resistance hero.
  • A poet who killed his landlady.

And many more remarkable stories about famous and special Dutch people.

Child of the Field of Honor

Kind van het Ereveld is the true story of a passionate quest with unexpected personal consequences. A poignant book about love, a life without a father and the heartbreaking consequences of war.

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© Marco Hofste
© Marco Hofste
My verdict
A truly amazing achievement Mr Reiding has completed and is still involved with. Highly recommended books he has written are at the top in their field! Check out his website.

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