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German Russian Museum Berlin

The Second World War ended in Europe with an act of unconditional surrender in our house. On 8 May 1945 the High Command of the German Wehrmacht signed a document of unconditional surrender in front of representatives of the four Allied powers in themain hallof theofficers’mess of a Wehrmacht military engineering training facility. From 1945 to 1949 the building was the headquarters of the Soviet Military Administration in Germany. After use by the Soviet military for various purposes a “historic memorial site. The Museum of the Soviet Armed Forces in Germany” opened in the building in 1967. Later renamed the “Museum of the Unconditional Surrender of Fascist Germany in the Great Patriotic War”, it existed until 1994. That year with the final withdrawal of the Russian troops the Museum Berlin-Karlshorst Association (Verein Museum Berlin-Karlshorst e.V.) was established, and on 10 May 1995, for the 50th anniversary of the end of the war in Europe, the German Russian Museum Berlin-Karlshorst opened. In 2013 a newly conceived permanent exhibition under development since 2009 was presented to the public.

The German-Russian Museum Berlin-Karlshorst. At the historical place of the unconditional surrender of the German Wehrmacht at the 8 May 1945 in Berlin-Karlshorst former war opponents remermber together the history. As the only one museum in Germany it remembers in a permanent exhibition the war of annihilation against the Soviet Union.

  • The hall where the surrender was signed
  • The tables are untouched since 1945
  • The original flags still hanging on the wall
  • Russian General Georgy Zhukov's uniform

The museum has a great collection of genuine artifacts.

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Highly recommended! A must see museum when you are in Berlin! You can feel the history in every room!

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