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German Holocaust denier (93) has to go to jail

Ursula Haverbeck a 93-year-old German woman has been jailed for a year for denying the Holocaust. She denied the Nazi genocide from WW2 at a 2017 rally and repeated it in an interview in 2020. Judges previously imposed six months in prison for the meeting and one year for the interview. This has now been confirmed on appeal. Haverbeck can still appeal in cassation. She had previously served a 2-year prison term for the same offence.

The judge said she considered whether the sentence should be conditional because of her advanced age, but chose not to because Haverbeck showed no remorse at all. "Nothing can stop you. We won't affect you with words."


Haverbeck, whose husband worked for the Nazi government, denied that Auschwitz was an extermination camp where 1.1 million people were murdered. She said it was just a labor camp. She calls herself an investigator who only asked questions and her defense therefore asked for an acquittal. The judge did not agree. "You are not a Holocaust researcher, you are a Holocaust denier," she said. "You are not spreading knowledge but poison."

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