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Badges on Battledress by Jon Mills

Badges on Batteldress with the subtitle 'An Illustrated History of the Cloth Insignia Worn on Khaki and ​Jungle Green by Britain's Armed Forces 1939 to 1967' by Jon Mills is one of the best documented, researched books about British cloth insignia's out there. This two volume masterpiece with over 1.300 pages, is the main reference for study of the British emblems found on combat uniforms. Well researched and easy to read texts and hundreds of photographs  of original cloth badges and original black and white portraits, complete this work of excellence. The origin, design and purpose of the badges on sleeves, shoulders and epaulettes are explained in detail and the book is extremely well made and beautifully done. History unfolds for your eyes on every page in this great research resource, giving you a great insight and complete coverage of every aspect of the British cloth insignia's.

Published by Wardens Publishing (GB) in 2019. These two books have a hard cover and together adding up to ± 1.300 pages. With hundres of accurate images and professional photographs that truly captures the look and feel and vivid true colours of the cloth insignia's.

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Highly recommended! Badges on Battle Dress is more than a book. It is the best researched and well documented Bible on British army cloth formation signs and shoulder titles out there. The author Jon Mills is researcher specialising in military uniforms and insignia's, with more than 10 books under his belt. A former chartered librarian and a very kind and great individual. You simply cannot be serious about collecting WW2 British cloth insignia if these two books are not in your collection. Two thumbs up and Kudos!

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