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Ruth Rosa Luise Mühlmann

Date of birth
July 11, 1920


Place of birth
Magdeburg, Germany
Aktion T4 location
Bernburg Euthanasia Center

April 9, 1931


March 31, 1941
Aktion T4 victims

Ruth Rosa Luise Mühlmann

Ruth Rosa Louise Mühlmann was born on July 11, 1920 to Emma Perlitz Mühlmann and Paul Mühlmann. Emma and Paul lived at Nachtweide 31a in Magdeburg, Germany. Emma had a daughter, Elsbeth Perlitz, who emigrated to the United States in 1930 when Elsbeth was 18 years old. Ruth also would have two brothers, Heinz, who was born in 1922, and Gunther, born in 1929. Ruth was baptized on Oct. 24, 1920, in Magdeburg at Neustadt Sankt Nicolai Lutheran Church.

At the age of two, Ruth suffered a bout with Scarlet Fever and the resultant high fever left her mentally disabled. Ruth was admitted as a patient at Neinstedter Anstalten on April 9, 1931, based upon a recommendation from the Youth Welfare Office. May 13, 1934, Ruth was released from the hospital upon her parents’ request and they take her home to Walbecker Str. 37II in Magdeburg. On May 11, 1935, her mother readmits her to Neinstedt where Ruth is assigned to the Johannenhof Mädchenhaus on the campus of Neinstedt. Ruth remained at Neinstedt until she was moved to Altscherbitz Psychiatry Hospital on Jan. 21, 1941.

There is no written documentation as to the reason why Ruth was transferred. However, at this time, Hitler’s secret Euthanasia program, Aktion T4, was in effect. The objective of the euthanasia program was to kill persons who were considered “useless eaters” and a drain on Germany’s economy. T4 authorities were transferring patients to different hospitals in an attempt at a “shell game” to protect their secret program. Too many people were starting to suspect that something nefarious was going on when patients, such as sisters, neighbors, and others were all dying on the same exact date with no previous illnesses.

From Altscherbitz, Ruth was sent only two months later, on March 31, 1941, to Bernburg State Sanatorium and Mental Hospital. This hospital was one of six Euthanasia Killing Centers established under Hitler’s Aktion 4 program. All 74 people that arrived in Bernburg on that day with Ruth were killed the very same day in the gas chamber at Bernburg.

Ruth’s great niece is researching more about her life and family and plans to publish a book on Ruth’s life story to ensure her story will not be forgotten.

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