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Author Lt. Col. Eugene T. Carson

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  • Book form: Softcover
  • Number of pages: 230 pages
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Wing Ding

It is fitting for me to dwell a moment on the man and a bit about his boyhood fascination with aviation which I too shared. Much of our fascination was whetted and brought to an edge by reading pulp magazines of the old Streets and Smith variety. Our heroes were G-8 and his Aces, Bull Martin and Nippy Weston as they battled against the Hun over the skies of the Western Front. We built 'rubber-band-powered' Spads and German Fokkers launching them from the third floor attic window. Often the Fokkers would be set ablaze to make sure G-8 and his men were winning the battle.

We were about 10 years old when we experienced a real airplane ride. A cousin of our Mother owned a small flying service. During the County Fair at Leighton, Pennsylvania we managed to get a sight seeing ride in his Waco biplane. From then on we were hooked, our feet never belonged on the ground.