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Author Calvin G. Carrier

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  • Book form: Softcover
  • Number of pages: 410 pages
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Sharing my life story

The goose bumps were racing up and down my body like it was a race course. Make sure all of your hand grenades have the firing pins firmly in them. make sure the safety is on your rifle. and make sure your rifle is slung over your head crossways on your body. Pack straps are tight and the helmet chin strap is tight. With all of the equipment and the Mae West, l must have weighed in at least 200 lbs. and l was actually only 138 lbs. l thought to myself, good God! ls this really happening to me? It wasn't any dream, that‘s for sure.

OK, First Platoon, let’s go. Here we were. perched on this rope netting halfway down the ship. The waves were probably about 5 ft. with nothing but the green ocean below us and an LCI that was bobbing like a cork on the water. It would rise up with the waves, slam into the side of the ship, and then slide off as they decreased. The jump master was at the end of the netting with a bullhorn. He yelled,

"When I say jump, do not think about it, do not hesitate, just jump. Do you read me?" Yesss sir!

OK, 1-2-3 jump. I had my heart in my throat, but l didn't hesitate. I jumped and landed with a bunch of other guys in the landing craft. Phew! I think I wet my pants. No. l know l did! Quickly pick yourself up and get out of the way of the next bunch to jump in. Thank God we didn't lose anybody. Once all were in. the LCI turned and went behind our ship and came out in a defined line of departure.