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Author Günther Tlotzek

Book specifics
  • Book form: Hardcover
  • Number of pages: 150 pages
  • 3626 views of this book

Memories of an eventful life

Günther Tlotzek served in the 23rd Infantry Regiment, 11th Infantry Division of the German Wehrmacht during WWII. Günther Tlotzek was born on February 9, 1923, in Sokolken in East Prussia. He was on the frontlines in Russia for four years and was injured multiple times, leaving him with fragments of grenade in his left thigh. He was taken prisoner by the Russians and spent five years as a prisoner of war in Siberia. After the war he was expelled from his East Prussian homeland. These are only a couple of facts from Günther Tlotzek's eventful life.

In this book he recounts his recollections, from adolescence to old age. It incorporates experiences from the Weimar time frame, to the uprise of National Socialism and his experiences from WW2. He sheds an insight  his 5-year imprisonment and his "new second life" after the war. Günther Tlotzek remained fit unto this day.