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Musée Memoires 39-45

A stone‘s throw from the Pointe Saint Mathieu, step back in time in this exceptional German command post bunker. On 5 floors, discover a museum focused on personal accounts and anecdotes, illustrated by thousands of objects, documents and photographs. Underground, experience the daily life of soldiers on the Atlantic Wall. Then, in the many themed rooms, relive the History of the war in Brittany, told by those who lived trhough it. And finally, discover the unique panorama offered by the rooftop observation posts over the entrance to the Bay of Brest, the Crozon peninsula and the island of Ushant.

Ttwo brothers, Aurélien and Clément Coquil, passionate about History, or rather passionate about all the individual experiences of senior Bretons during WW2. All these stories that make History. They have been collecting these memories for more than 20 years, from combatants and their families and from civilians caught upin the turmoil. It is these accounts and real-life experiences that could very well come from your parents or grandparents that you will find in the museum, illustrated by objects and photographs.


Lieu dit Prédic - Route de la Pointe Saint Mathieu
29217 Plougonvelin

Phone: 02 29 02 84 56

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